Tesla Store to open in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 7, 2019

You can already plan to check out some of the well-known American Tesla models in person and also apply for a test drive.

Tesla is planning to open a car dealership in Budapest, HVG.hu writes. According to the American automotive company’s website, the shop is scheduled to open in Budapest this spring – supposedly in March, when the smallest and cheapest Tesla, the Model 3 will officially come to the European market.

For those who have already ordered a Model 3 and have a registration number, the possibility for a test drive is also given – those lucky ones can already apply for that by clicking to the following page: http://www.tesla-universal.com/tesztvezetes.html (this is in Hungarian).

The first Hungarian Tesla Store will be located in Budapest near the Pest side of the Petőfi bridge. There is a good chance that a maintenance centre will also be opened later near the dealership. Until then, Hungarian Tesla owners still have to drive to Austria if they need any maintenance work.

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