One of the busiest squares of Budapest renews
Posted by Budnews · Mar 19, 2019

Here come the first visuals of the renewing Blaha Lujza Square.

Blaha Lujza Square is one of the „poor relations” of the city: while other public spaces are renewed in a row, it has always been missed out. The square is in very bad shape for years, so it’s a great pleasure that this year it’s finally renews. After fifty-five years, one of the busiest, iconic urban hub, significant historical and spiritual heritage, Blaha Lujza Square got what it deserves. The new pedestrian-friendly public space will satisfy the expectations of the present days, significantly increases the proportion of green areas, and even a building for cultural purposes will be built. The node will be completely barrier-free, the underpass will be renovated, and the traffic order of the boundary roads also will be partly modified.

The main purpose of renovating one of the busiest hubs in Budapest is to improve the viability of space. The quality architectural renewal ensures the restoration of the spiritual and cultural heritage of the square, the development of friendly, livable pedestrian surfaces, and the reorganization of the currently dispersed service road network with the creation of a common public space with extensive green space. The new, cultural-purpose building evokes the legacy of the old National Theater, which stood here. The number of trees in the square will increase from 26 to 65, and the size of the new green area will be over 1,000 square meters.

As further development, there will be two MOL Bubi bike stations in the square: the current one will be moved to the József Boulevard, and a new one will be installed in Márkus Emília Street. More bicycle storages are being built on the renewed Blaha Lujza Square, and in accordance with the renovation of the square, Béla Somogyi Street will be rebuilt up to Gutenberg Square, in line with previous renovations in the Palotanegyed. Corvin, one of the oldest shopping centers of the city also renews by renovating its historic façade.

The construction works expected to start this autumn and will last for about a year.

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