ElektroFit – green power
Posted by Katalin Török · May 26, 2014

The central playground at Kispest has become a comet of green power – with fitness machines, that produce electricity during use, you can charge your cell phone or laptop while excercising.

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Budapest is a city with a population of over 1 740 000. It is one of the busiest cities of Hungary, with a lot of programs to offer, amazing views and crowded streets. Green areas become more and more important in these busy times, not only because of the need of fresh air, but also because they’re places of relaxation and recreation. To encourage and assist people living in the area to exercise more, the local government of Kispest installed special outdoor gym equipments in the central playground.

Four machines can be used there to turn human energy into electricity – electricity, derived from kinetic energy can be used to charge mobile phones, laptops or anything, that can be connected to the machines with a USB cable. All four equipments belong to the English manufacturer TGO’s (The Great Outdoor Gym Company Ltd.) Green Energy Range – a recumbent bike, a hand bike, a spinning bike, and an energy cross trainer is waiting for those who want to get charged.

Photo: http://www.tgogc.com/Products/Green-Energy-Range/

The system continously monitors the amount of electricity produced by the equipments during practice. An average person produces 50 to 100 Watts of energy with an average exercise. A daily use of all four equipments can produce 1 kWh output/equipment, which means that significantly more electricity is being produced than the needs of the system. This extra electricity can be delivered to recharge any kind of electronic devices. These outdoor equipments are totally green, and they can be used after dark as well – of course they produce the power required for their own lighting as well.

Photo: http://energiaoldal.hu/

This type of outdoor gym is unique in Hungary – Kispest is a comet in installing a green energy gym. Hopefully the initiative will be successfull and we’ll meet more of these equipments in the future. They not only help us to stay fit, but give us the opportunity to cut corners and give us the feeling of satisfaction after working hard. Maybe this is the motivation some of us had been waiting for to get started. Give it a try – the playground is in the 19th district, Kispest, between Nagysándor József street and Petőfi street.

To learn more about TGO’s Green Energy Gym Technology, watch this video:


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