Renewal of metro line M3 continues with the southern section
Posted by Budnews · Apr 17, 2019

The second phase of the renovation of metro line M3 has started.

If you have been to Budapest in the past few months and used the public transport, you have probably experienced that the busiest metro line M3 is under reconstruction. As a part of the complex reconstruction of the line, modern tracks are built, there will be a complete electrical reconstruction, the safety equipment will be replaced, just as the train control system, conductor system, the passenger areas and even the stations will also be renovated.

Now the first section, the northern part between Újpest Központ and Lehet tér is ready: in the first phase of the reconstruction, affected stations were transformed to their new image. Clean, bright spaces, new furniture, and passenger information, as well as revived artworks await the passengers of metro line M3. The modern interior design and the visual image are both trying to meet the memory of the old times and the challenges of the present.

Since 6 April the reconstruction of metro line M3 continues with the southern part: the complete track shutdown came into effect between Népliget and Kőbánya-Kispest metro stations. Renovation of the 4.8 km long south section planned to end in Q4 2020, and cost approximately 42 billion forints.

Similarly to the reconstruction of the northern section, complex modernization and architectural transformation of all the systems will take place, passenger spaces will be renewed, a new unified passenger information system will be built, and a CCTV system will be installed to enhance passenger safety. At the stations there will be a fire protection system conforming to the latest regulations and a modern ventilation, heat and smoke extraction system will be installed as well. The service areas also will be renewed in addition to the passenger areas. As part of the reconstruction, the whole track is being completely rebuilt, including rails and detours.

During this period, passengers can travel by metro replacement buses and further surface services that help ensure smooth traffic. This section affects the approach of the airport and indirectly the availability of the city center, so stay informed before traveling about the ongoing works, metro replacement services, and the possible changes on the official website of the reconstruction.

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