Múzeumkert, the iconic park of the Hungarian National Museum has been renewed
Posted by Budnews · May 1, 2019

Although there are less trees, the proportion of green areas has increased.

The garden of Hungarian National Museum was closed in the past few moths: complex reconstruction work took place there. Now it's ready and the new image returned to the original shape of the garden. The purpose of the reconstruction was to restore the historical credibility of the garden and to create a modern, multifunctional downtown green space. During the works, the utilities, the promenades and the pedestrian coverings renewed in a style that fits to the style of the museum building.

The landscape architects aimed to keep as many trees as possible but 38 of them proved to be life-threatening that have been cut out. Instead of them, 25 new, large trees were planted. Among the planted trees there are several rare plant (red maple, ginkgo, magnolia), which strengthen the historical atmosphere of the garden. The size of green spaces, however, increased: with the partial demolition and transformation of existing unused roads and pavements, 8200 m2 of completely renewed surface has been created, which is 10-15% bigger than before.

It shows the size of the renovation works well, that it affected the entire public utility network: almost 3 km long new water and sewer pipe have been built, the whole electrical network has been renewed, there is also a new WiFi network and new garden watering system. In connection with the project, the sculptures of the garden were restored and the complete renovation of the Arany János statue was also carried out together with the pedestal.

A lot of benches and chairs have been installed, the garden is now more interoperable, many curvy walkways were set up and new entrances were opened to the Museum Street and Pollack Mihály Square. In summer, there will be smaller fountains, and two drinking fountains were also established. (We hope the public toilets will open soon). The renovation of the former gardener's house is still going on, a coffee shop is planned to be here by the summer. Be sure to visit this gemstone when you're in Budapest: it's perfect for a date, a quiet hour alone or walking with the kids. And if you're done out there, also check out the museum's exhibitions, for example the original coronation mantle from 1031!

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