Budapest Zoo among the best ones in Europe
Posted by Budnews · Jun 7, 2019

Let’s play a short game: what do you think, where is Budapest Zoo in the compilation of Europe’s best zoos? Keep your tip in mind, we will tell you in the following article.

Although there is no official list ranking the zoos worldwide, but we know about the widely accepted measuring system of a British man, Anthony Sheridan. He used to work as a businessman, but after his retirement in 2007, he decided to travel a lot (which is a quite enviable thing) and to visit Europe’s leading zoos while also evaluating and ranking these places.

His method and some of his experiences were detailed in his book ‘What Zoos Can Do’, published in 2011, but since then, he regularly visits (and revisits) the most important zoos in Europe, and he updates his list.

This year, he ranked 110 European zoos and in his compilation, Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden can be found on the 17th place, with 189 points. This is as many as for the one in Copenhagen and the one in Dublin. These zoos were preceded by the zoo of Berlin (193), Rotterdam (203) and Amsterdam (191) but got more points than the zoo of London (183), Antwerp (181), Frankfurt (175), Barcelona (171) and Edinburgh (170).

Four Hungarian zoos among the top 110

There are four Hungarian zoos on Sheridan’s list, and the best among these – just like on the previous lists – is Budapest Zoo. The zoo Nyíregyháza got 157 points, the one in Szeged and in Veszprém got 113 points each.

Did you know?

Sheridan’s ranking is based on visitors’ experience, the level of services, the professional work being done in the zoo and some further criteria.


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