6+1 best places for a summer picnic
Posted by Budnews · Jun 10, 2019

Budapest has hundreds of cozy terraces, where you can enjoy your drink, ice cream and summer at the same time. But what if we want something more natural?

I'm not sure if it's only me, or some of you can relate, but when the good weather comes, I feel some basic instinct to get my checkered blanket, a book and some sandwiches and go to the Margaret Island to have a picnic. Well, if you share my passion, here are the best places to do so.

Margaret Island

The biggest classic venue of the city is a beautiful, mesmerizing place, no one should miss. The island is huge, you can chose a more busy, or a totally quiet place, and enjoy the summer. Thanks to its facilities, it's no problem to spend the whole day here: there are toilets, bars, restaurants, vendors, ice cream boots, so no one will get bored or hungry.

Kopaszi dam

Although Budapest is built in waterfront, but gives very little opportunity to enjoy the proximity of the Danube. One of these few opportunities is Kopaszi dam, which is located in the southern part of the Buda side, under the Rákóczi Bridge. It’s one of the most popular recreational venues and not by chance. Everything can be found here, what it takes to relax. Small restaurants, cafes, terraces and playgrounds were also placed in the ten-hectare green area in the beautiful waterside environment.

Szent István Park

This fenced-in park with park guards is one gemstone of the Pest side, where you can find playground, fabulous rose specialties, beautiful green grass and fountains. All this is just a short trip from the Nyugati Railway Station and Jászai Mari Square, the busy city center.

Millenáris Park:

As the Millenáris Park is 5 minutes away from the Széll Kálmán Square, there’s no problem at all, if a spontaneous picnic-situation emerge: you can buy everything in one of the nearby shops. There are several music, crafts and cultural programs in the park, so it’s the perfect target for a little recreation, if the culture is just as important as the picnic itself.

Olimpia Park

It’s not enough that we can sit on the fluffy grass, from Olimpia Park the sight of the Danube and the Buda side is impressive. We can eat our lunch next to well-kept flower beds, but there is also a restroom in the park to wash our hands. Oh, and thirst can be extinguished by the water fountain. And all this in neighborhood of the Parliament, so who could ask for more?

The Garden of Philosophy

The Garden of Philosophy is an easily accessible, yet secret and rarely visited place on the Gellért Hill. The name comes from the therein statue group of philosophers, but it’s not the main reason of being the perfect place for a big city picnic. Rather the large places, the beautiful view, and the benches overlooking toward the city.

+1 Liberty Bridge

Szabihíd, the event series, when Liberty Bridge is closed from car traffic and public transport, and only pedestrians can take possession of it will be held again this year. In 2019, we can enjoy one of the most beautiful bridges on four weekends: 6-7, 13-14, 20-21 and 27-28 July. The initiative started spontaneously several years ago, when the bridge was closed due to refurbishing works during the whole summer. People of Budapest took possession of it soon: thousands of people had picnic, there were yoga classes, spontaneous concerts and art performances.

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