Bicycle path to connect Budapest and Lake Balaton
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jun 27, 2019

Until 2030, some serious bicycle path renovation and construction work is to be expected in Hungary.

If you are an avid bicycle user, just like us here, and you follow the news in this topic, you might have read or heard that the Hungarian government plans to increase the current total length of Hungarian bicycle paths from 9100 km to 15 000 km by 2030.

The improvement has already begun: several bicycle paths are getting renovated and some of these projects are already finished. For example, the first phase of the complex renovation of the ‘Balaton Bringakör’ (Balaton Cycle Path), 42 km is currently being completed. By 2021, all the 220 km of the Balaton Brigakör will be completely renewed. Besides the development of the infrastructure, cycling services are also being extended around the lake.

And that’s not all: according to the plans, the construction works of the Budapest-Balaton cycle path would get started this year. It means that a 110-kilometre-long route will be built, further paths will lead on smaller roads and agricultural roads. This cycle paths will possibly create a connection to the Croatian-Slovenian cycling path network.

Did you know?

According to the latest European data, 22 percent of Hungarians are using bicycles as their primary means of transport (last year it was 19 percent), so we are among the top 3 European nations besides the Netherlands and Denmark.

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