Hungarian Facebook accounts accessible again
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 3, 2019

Why were several Hungarian Facebook profiles disabled recently? The answer is finally here.

In the third week of June, thousands of Hungarian Facebook users had to realize that they are not able to use their Facebook profiles – their accounts were disabled. A lot of them tried to contact the social media giant but they only got a short explanation – out of security reasons, no more information is available and the accounts will stay disabled, that’s the final decision, HVG writes.

But in the end, it wasn’t the final decision, because Facebook started an internal investigation and shortly after seeing the results, they released an official statement saying ‘disabled accounts are accessible again’. Well, not all of them, but as far as we know, the majority.

What was this whole story? That’s the question thousands of Hungarian people asked right after this Facebook mystery. Well, it turns out that the social media company’s censorship system was ‘overactivated’.

It needs a short explanation, right? ;) Well, Facebook’s censorship team, a squad of both artificial intelligence and humans, searches for content going against the company’s community guidelines. If they find any, they remove the content and possibly the user who shared it. Apparently this happened with the Hungarians, too, although many of them didn’t want to support the ‘bad’ content. Their goal was instead to inform their friends about the danger.

The only mystery that remains: what content exactly made the social media company panic – we think that we will never know it.

Source: HVG

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