Beautiful park opened in the middle of the party district
Posted by Budnews · Jul 8, 2019

„Beehive hotels” and bird lairs have been placed at several points in the park to help the urban ecosystem, and provide a little shelter for the animals.


The 7th district is one of the most densely populated neighborhood, and it's also a popular destination for tourists. There are many bars and restaurants but green areas should be sought with a magnifying glass. From now on, the situation is slightly better: there were a huge a vacant lot in Dob street, an unused gap between the buildings that became a wonderful park.

The primary purpose of the park implemented within the framework of a municipal project is rest and relaxation, so there is no playground here. Since it is surrounded by residential houses on three sides, it closes at 9 pm. The park is beautiful: many of the large old trees have been saved, and varied, thematic bushy-flowery areas were created. There are many shady benches, chess tables, solar-powered charger benches with wifi signal, fountains, and a vapor gate. There is also a public toilet, which is almost curiosity in the city. „Beehive hotels” and bird lairs also have been placed at several points in the park, to help the urban ecosystem, and provide a little shelter for the animals. It's a true oasis in the city.

If you are in the neighborhood, be sure to check out this miracle!

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