Posted by Bálint Gábor Dömök · Jun 2, 2014

You don't have to be a huge expert of public transport or vehicular contraptions to know Ikarus. But in case you don't, sit back and read a little about the sometime leading bus and coach manufacturers of the world and also see what is happening in 2014.

Ikarus was a legendary Hungarian bus and coach manufacturer established in 1895 based in Budapest. Until the closing down it was one of the most significant bus and coach manufacturers in the world market. The products of Ikarus like complete vehicles or body parts were used all around the world. China, Egypt, Burma, Germany, Canada or the former Soviet Union were using them. Even the USA was a major synergistic partner for long years. Just a few examples. After several years of adversity the famous manufacturer of Ikarus had closed down in 2007. Wonder what's happening now?

Looks like the old manufacturer of Hungary is living its renaissance. At least let's hope it is. Ikarus works with other Hungarian and foreign companies as a major partner since 2010. Finally here is the company's first substantive project. In the spring of 2014 the manufacturing of the brand new Ikarus V127 had finished. The workers of BKV (Budapest Transport Plc.) pieced together the bus from the units made by Ikarus so BKV didn't have to pay that much for the construction, just for the machine parts. We could say this is the cheapest and most efficient way for a public transport company to purchase a bus. Even the maintenance will be much more easy for the workers of BKV considering the fact that they had built the whole contraption. This also means job opportunities for a lot more people.


Ikarus V127 the prototype of the modern low-floor bus series had passed the official test runs without any problems. According to the informations BKK (Budapest Transport Centre) will operate three models from this year and the ordering of fifteen more is planned from 2015. The first scheduled run was on blue bus line number 8 between Bosnyák Square (Bosnyák tér) and Gazdagréti Square (Gazdagréti tér). The choice of the route was wise. It included main roads with dense traffic or even routes up the hills so the efficiency of the vehicle was tested in several circumstances.


Pure modernism and comfortable functionality features the new bus of Budapest's public transport system. As a passenger I would say it is almost perfect. The neat design fits the city and traveling with it feels smooth. The bus itself looks and feels sturdy and powerful. His face is pretty angry but if you don't forget to buy a ticket or pass he won't bite you. If you can find one particular bus in a big city, get on and try it out! Just look for the sign IKARUS! Let's hope it won't be alone on the streets for long and the other models of the series will be able to take you to one point to another soon.


If you would like to try the old nostalgic Ikarus 180 also (the first photo of the article), you have the opportunity to do so! For more information about services, timetables or else we recommend you to visit those sites: and

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