Hungarian komondor dog is new internet sensation
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 19, 2019

Check out the following video: we are sure that you will see something so cute and funny like never before.

If you like dogs and it also means an interest for the different dog breeds, you might have seen a komondor dog. This is a traditional Hungarian breed, a livestock guardian dog with long and funny looking ‘rasta like’ white fur. These dogs usually look like a huge rug, a mop or a rag.

They usually are very funny in themselves, even if they do nothing special but what about dipping in the water? Well, you can check it out in the following video – some water fun presented by Hanga, the komondor. ;)

It is not a wonder that Hanga has become some kind of an internet sensation, this short film went viral in a very short time.

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