7 natural beaches in the proximity of Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Jul 22, 2019

If you want something else than the well-known baths.

There are countless baths and beaches in Budapest, but there is no natural water where you can dive. Bathing in the Danube is forbidden in Budapest, so we have to go a little further if we want to bath in natural water. Fortunately, these places are quite close to the city.

Rukkel tó Waterpark

Rukkel-tó Waterpark is the most interesting place in the neighborhood of the city, because there are several slides, jumping towers and water games on the beach. The 12-acre Rukkel Lake is located in a former mining area, but the beach has undergone many developments over the past 21 years. There are several bars, pubs, washbasins, a large park area, 13 slides, and a jump tower. Water bikes, boats and kayaks can be rented in the park.

Free beach at Göd and the Sand Island

It is easily accessible by public transport, and offers a free beach on Danube. You can arrive here by bus (from Újpest) or train (from Nyugati Railway Station) in half an hour from Budapest. Göd offers sandy beach, where often dogs and even horses are bathed. You can walk through the shallow water to the Sand Island, which is truly unique, and has an untouched paradise atmosphere. But it also means that there is no toilet and it can be hard to approach depending on the weather.

Domonyvölgyi Lake – D-Beach

30-40 minutes drive from Budapest there is a beautiful beach with sandy shore and seaside atmosphere. We will meet palm trees, sandy beaches, music, beach bar (Blackbeard pirate bar) and changing rooms made from bulrush here. The water is shallow and warm, and there is also a playground in the field. This Mediterranean atmosphere beach is one-hour bus ride from Örs Vezér Tere.

Dunakeszi Beach

Easy to access and well equipped: that's what the beach at Dunakeszi knows. Complete infrastructure, water surrounded by buoys, showers, buffets, and modern playground awaits those who choose the beach right on the promenade. Dogs have a separate section to bath and we can also rent a canoe or kayak. However, since this beach is in the Danube, requires more attention from the bathers.

Lake beach at Veresegyház

Veresegyház is a 35-minute drive and a 42-minute train ride from the city (trains depart from Nyugati Train Station), and the town's lakeshore is a 10-minute walk from the train station. The beach is small, but the shore is filled with fresh sand every year and has very high quality water. Water polo trails, jumping docks, snack bars and restaurants await on the lawn.

Lake Beach at Gyömrő

Only 7 kilometers from Budapest and you will see the small Caribbean-style pond, which became the symbol of the era. It's a really surreal experience to have a cocktail here: we are in Gyömrő, but the atmosphere is like seaside. In addition, a number of hospitality booths, ice cream shops are here, you can buy lángos and roasted meat, and you can try the first pendulum-like wakeboard track on the lake.

Lakes at Délegyháza

Only 27 kilometers from the capital, there is a unique lake system, which includes eight water reservoirs. There are several beaches, including nudist one, and even uninhabited islands, so we can separate ourselves from the rest of the bathers on small peninsulas. The water is crystal clear and surrounded by reeds and trees. This is the biggest advantage of the place: the tremendous tranquility where no noise can be heard.

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