Airport bus to run in every 10 minutes
Posted by Balogh Mia · Jul 23, 2019

We can already buy our tickets via a mobile application and so avoid queueing.

The easiest, cheapest and one of the most popular ways to get to the city centre of Budapest from the airport or back is taking the bus 100E, but in the past, there were some inconveniences (too many travellers, too long time to wait for the next bus, difficulties in ticket purchasing, etc.).

So we are delighted to announce some good news: BKK has published a new schedule for bus 100E and in this we are happy to see that the buses run in every 10 minutes every day. From Deák Square, it means between 8:30 am and 7 pm, and from Liszt Ferenc Airport, it means from 9:20 am to 6:40 pm. At other times, it’s 15-20 minutes, but 20 is the maximum.

The last bus from the airport leaves at 1:20 am towards the city centre, and the first one departs from Deák Square in the city at 3:40 am.

Purchasing our tickets also got less complicated, thanks to the BKK mobile app which allows buying a 900 HUF ticket per direction much easier and faster, and we can avoid queueing at the ticket machine, too. ;)

Check out the timetables here:

From the airport to the city:

From the city to the airport:


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  • bus
  • every 10 minutes
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