New beach & bath opened in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Jul 26, 2019

It has wave pool, false Turkish bath and panorama overlooking the Danube.

Another beach of the capital city became a full-service spa in the past few months. South Pest didn't have its own high-class spa for decades, although it has everything for that: for example iodine-salt-bromine water, that is unique in the whole city. But not only the water is special in the renovated and expanded Pesterzsébet beach: it also contains architecturally interesting points. For example, there is a pool, that gives the appearance of boxes and objects in the water like they were flooded.

The other conceptual aspect was the summoning of the Turkish baths, the cave-like, more intimate spaces, for which a special solution was chosen: the different functions were placed in a “box” inside the building. The Finnish sauna, the salt and infrasauna and the steam room are also in such a box. The connection with the Danube was also important, as was the view. The lawn has been cared for, but for the time being, only a few trees are in the two-acre area. In the right vegetation time (fall) new ones will be planted, with a total of 120-130 trees in the area.

So if you know all the famous baths of the city, and want to discover something interesting, or your hotel is a bit out of the city in the southern region, the new beach at Pesterzsébet is the perfect choice.

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