Hungarian crown jewels built from Lego pieces
Posted by Mia Balogh · Aug 28, 2019

The digital plans were ready in 2013, but the world had to wait for a few years until this fantastic idea became reality.

20 August is Hungary’s birthday, the day when anyone can for example visit the Parliament building and see the Holy Crown for free. For those who saw it and for those who didn’t, we can show something maybe even more impressive: a Hungarian man, Ferenc Szőke, member of the Kockafeszt Fan Club built the Hungarian crown jewels out of Legos.

He used 4500 Lego pieces to build the Holy Crown of Hungary, the Sceptre and the Globus Cruciger. The red pillow that holds the jewels is also there. You can check it out also in the following video:

Digital plans for Ferenc Szőke’s work were already finished in 2013, but the world had to wait for a few years for some missing elements and digital innovations but now the idea finally became reality.

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