Beautiful video: the renewed Buda Castle District look gorgeous on the visual
Posted by Budnews · Sep 9, 2019

Some parts have been completed while other improvements are still in progress.

Some parts have been completed while other improvements are still in progress.

If you have been to Budapest in the past 1-2 years, you must have noticed that the Buda Castle is undergoing some major reconstruction work. Well, a lot of things are being rebuilt there: the Carmelite Monastery, the Csikós courtyard, the Riding House, the Main Guard building, and the Stöckl stairs, but let's see the details.

  • On the outside of the western wall of the castle, above the underground garage, the ornate riding stables designed by Alajos Hauszmann and the associated stables have been rebuilt, accommodating up to 16 horses. Equipped with a representative event space, the city can organize horse rides, fairs and balls in the future. This Riding House is similar to the Vienna Equestrian Hall designed by Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach and one of Hofburg's most popular attractions.

  • The Csikós-courtyard of Budavár and its surroundings was in very bad condition since the World War II and has been unused for decades, but as a result of recent reconstructions, the area becomes unified development area.

  • The so-called Main Guard building was also renewed. Here you will find the reunited palace guard, as well as exhibition and catering grounds. The ornate Stöckl Staircase is also rebuilt, improving the accessibility to the area.

  • The Carmelite monastery has undergone a major transformation: the building was restored to its original style, with only one balcony added to the front. After the renovation, the Prime Minister's Office moved into the building.

  • The tower of Pasha Karakas is also being renovated and got a new function. The relatively intact but unused building was built around 1620. Its special feature is the tower, which is part of the bastion system, and has a circular lower part and a polygonal tower on the upper part.

As a result of the reconstruction, the Buda Castle area will be much closer to the original concept before the World War II., and improvements have many practical, touristic benefits too. The empty west side of St. George's Square can finally get worthy walls, and it will be much easier to approach the complex from Tabán, where the designers create representative spaces.

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