This is how the Hungarian Olympic Team will look like in 2020
Posted by Budnews · Sep 11, 2019

These are the three finalist dress designs.

For fashion-loving people, the presentation of the Olympic uniforms is at least as big thing as the Olympic games. This is when the most renowned and most talented Hungarian designers show what they know in such a strict theme. Last time USE Unused (which has unfortunately been discontinued since then), has designed the Hungarian Olympic uniforms. This year 10 entries were received, of which 3 became finalist: Nanushka, Nubu and Tomcsanyi.

Each of the three finalist uniforms represents a completely different world. Dóra Tomcsányi's collection reminds us the most to the red-white-green color scheme, complemented by orange in a very playful, swirling striped design. The tailoring of the garments represents classic elegance that would totally fit our athletes. Nubu's uniforms are also not far from the Hungarian colors, only the green is a significantly different shade, almost a deep blue-ish, which gives the collection its specialty. The kimono-like tailoring of their woman’s uniforms is also exciting. Nanushka interpreted the task most freely in colors: we couldn't find the Hungarian colors for the first glance. At first we would say that the collection is buttery white and orange, but if we take a closer look at the pictures, the Hungarian colors stands out well. The brick orange color represents red, the buttery color means white, of course, and there are also some very light green garments in the collection.

You can check out the three finalists here.

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