Huge fine arts center opened in Óbuda
Posted by Budnews · Sep 30, 2019

Budapest's newest private museum - which is not a museum - opened in one of the oldest sanctuary of the Hungarian textile industry, in the historic buildings of the Goldberger Factory.

Godot Gallery has a big year in 2019: they've become 20 years old and created Godot Instutute of Contemporary Art (aka: GICA), that moved in a huge building in the 3rd district of Budapest. The institute is located in the former textile factory of Óbuda, for the time being on 700 square meters, which will be expanded to 1100 square meters after further renovation. With a height of 4 meters, the hall is ideal for exhibitions, but they would like to use the center not only for this purpose, but for all kinds of contemporary art events, such as dance performances or theater plays.

The new art center has already hosted a photo exhibition and officially opened on October 1 with the Godot Young Generation Art Fair pop-up exhibition and fair, to be held for the fourth time this year, with promising 800 works by young artists.

To be fair, the new unit is not a new museum: as the gallery says, although they sometimes use the term 'private museum' on their own blog, they are not conducting researches thus it's not a new museum. They were creating a permanent exhibition space that, in some aspects, works like a museum, as we can see exhibitions for money, but this does not cover the full description of a museum. Their aim is to disperse the discouraging atmosphere of galleries from time to time, while keeping viewers at a lesser distance from the artists.

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