Renovation of Vörösmarty Square is completed: this is how the most famous square in the country looks like now
Posted by Budnews · Oct 2, 2019

This year we can enjoy the Christmas market in this renewed environment.

If you've been to Budapest in the past several month, you probably run into the huge construction work at Vörösmarty Square. The renovation of one of the city's most well-known tourist-centered spaces was really necessary, both aesthetically and technically, as it hasn't been reconstructed since the '80s. Well, the square is almost ready according to MTI, only minor technical works takes place currently, but the cordons have disappeared by now, construction work has been completed and pedestrians and tourists can take over the space right away - so we've checked out how it looks.

The most spectacular element is the replacement of the entire pavement - the over thirty-year-old concrete tile has been replaced by a durable and weatherproof, non-slip tiles: black and white patterned andesite, granite and limestone. The Vörösmarty statue in the center of the square has also been restored, and as part of the design concept, the space core got a dark andesite cover, which enhances the statue.

Humidity nozzles have been built into the cladding around the statue, which will cool the place in the summer and make shade-free surfaces more pleasant. New trees were also planted in the central area and eight large trees were planted on the Harmincad Street. The Lion's Well was moved slightly backward, now standing at the mouth of Harmincad Street instead of Vörösmarty Square. The good news is that it is connected to the drinking water network, so we can drink from it from next summer.

Less spectacular part of the renovation was the technical background works of the restaurant terraces and the various fairs and festivals: hidden parasol installing points with electrical connections and a hidden utility network have been established. The classical candelabra belonging to the square have also been renovated, and Vörösmarty Square has received a modern and energy-efficient lighting system.

In summary, the square remained what it is, but has some great new features and it's nice and neat again. The next time you're here, check out the difference and write us your experiences.

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