Vienna and Budapest to be connected by a special vehicle?
Posted by Mia Balogh · Oct 25, 2019

If this journey will be successful, there will be some more fast boat rides in 2020.

Twin City Liner is an elegant, comfortable fast boat, which has linked Vienna and Bratislava for a couple of years already, but this November, there will be a test journey between Vienna and Budapest, too.

The special vehicle will leave the Austrian capital on 22 November at 9am and will arrive in Budapest six hours later. Yes, it takes more time than travelling by car or train, but we are sure that the guests will enjoy the beautiful view much more than from any other vehicles, and a nice lunch on the boat is also in the price.

Furthermore, the first – up to 250 – guests will have a two nights stay in a four-star hotel in Budapest, a city tour and a return journey on 24 November for the €349 package price.

If the test journey will be considered as successful, there will be some more fast boat rides between the two capitals in 2020.

There is some tiny bad news in the story: you can’t buy a return ticket from Budapest, these will be available from Vienna only.

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