Budapest shows it's fabulous, colorful side on the graphics of a Hungarian illustrator
Posted by Budnews · Nov 1, 2019

All of the most memorable places of the city appears on the graphics of Zsolt Vidák.

There is countless of pictures, drawings, graphics, illustrations of Budapest, yet, we find another one that worth taking attention. Zsolt Vidák shows the city as no one before: colorful, playful, beautiful, unique. He made countless beautiful pictures about Budapest in the previous years: basically he has drawn all the main sights of the city with all it's funny, common details. His newest work, Anker under water shows the city under water:

„I imagined where the harbors, the gateways between the houses would be, and what life would be like in a city so flooded with water. I drew pools and gardens on the rooftops. Private and tourist boats pass through the canals and even a steamboat appears on the picture. Of course, I also drew Captain Nemo's ship, and a shark and a whale are happily swimming in the water. I have completely rebuilt the whole picture from start to finish, in a much more picturesque, relaxed style.” - as the artist explained to welovebudapest.

Vidák had several individual and group exhibitions in Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, and in the South-African Republic, his illustrations and comics were published in Spanish, Brazilian, American, German, Latvian, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian magazines, and he's a regular stamp illustrator for the Hungarian Post. In the international competition Premio Nexofil he was awarded with the Best Stamp of the World Prize in 2017 for his stamp "Countries, Cities", and he was awarded with The Artist of the Year Prize of the Hungarian Post for the same stamp. For more illustration, visit his website, it's totally worth it!

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