Hungarian fans in Queen’s new video clip
Posted by Mia Balogh · Nov 6, 2019

These fans are already part of Queen’s legacy, congratulations to them!

The music and the videos of Queen are really popular worldwide but recently, they decided that it’s time for some of their fans to get into the spotlight. The band launched a campaign in July to give some of their fans the chance to be there in one of their three new video clips.

One of the new videos was made in collaboration with musicians and singers (Bohemian Rhapsody), another one was to be captured by visual artists (Kind of Magic) and the last one, Don’t Stop Me Now was the one where dancers got the chance to perform.

A tutorial video was uploaded to YouTube so everyone who wanted to nominate could learn the dance moves necessary for the performance. Winners were announced at the end of October, including a couple of young people who danced at an easily recognisable spot in Budapest, at Heroes’ Square – reports Szeretlek Magyarország.

Check out the video here, and the Queen fans from Hungary at the 3:01 and 3:13 marks.

Have you seen it? One of these young guys is even wearing a moustache similar to Freddie Mercury’s.

They seem to be really unstoppable, right? ;)


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