Make someone's day sweeter on 6 December
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 3, 2019

On 6 December, you can play the Mikulas in Budapest and leave some small goodie bags behind in the name on Santa Claus.

If you live in Hungary for a while now, you might already know that in our country, Santa Claus arrives on 6 December, St. Nicholas’ (St. Miklos) Day – that’s why he is called also Mikulas. He brings some sweet treats to the good kids and ‘virgács’ (gold painted switch) to the bad ones. But it happens often that kids get both, because sometimes they are good and sometimes bad.

Anyway, this year, a sweet tradition continues: on 6 December, anyone can play the Mikulas in Budapest by leaving a small goodie bag behind for a stranger in the city. There is just one rule, or let’s say one thing you shouldn’t forget: write a short note for the stranger who is going to find your small bag. For example: ‘I’m a goodie bag who was left behind to make your day more beautiful so please take me home’.

If you like the idea, you can prepare a goodie bag for a stranger by putting some chocolate, apples, tangerines or even toys, children’s books inside. Write a note and leave it on a bus, or in a frequented place in the city where it will be found almost immediately so it can make someone very happy in a minute.

The event also has a Facebook event, in Hungarian:

And you can never know, maybe on your way home you will find another from a secret Santa’s goodie bags… if so, please post a pic from it to the Facebook event because the organizers would like to check out how many people can be reached by this initiative.

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