VR Theme Park opened at Nyugati railway station
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 27, 2019

This is the first virtual reality theme park in Hungary and the largest one in Europe.

Have you ever tried virtual reality experiences? If not yet, we know a place where you can give it a try: a new virtual reality theme park opened recently at Nyugati railway station, in the building of the former Szikra cinema.

The spot, called VR Theme Park is the first virtual reality theme park in Hungary and the largest in Europe.

It offers a new type of entertainment for all those from 10 to 99 year-olds who are curious and open for new experiences.

The 2,000 sqm location has five thematic areas, each representing different time and space. You can roam between the areas and explore the Egyptian underworld, touch a dinosaur or fight with zombies, but you can try a huge rollercoaster or a catapult (recommended only for those with not sensitive stomach), as well – Borsonline.hu writes.

They add that the experience in the theme park feels so realistic that after finishing and going back to the streets of Budapest, it really feels like having experienced a time travel.

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Source: Borsonline.hu

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