3 best programs of January
Posted by Budnews · Jan 6, 2020

Circus Festival, X-trial motor championship and document film festival await.

As the previous year ends and the new year begins, everything is a bit quieter, slower. But, of course, Budapest has many things to offer even in this part of the year.


Twenty-four years ago the decision, the will and the faith of a group of professionals started the Budapest International Circus Festival, which is now one of the most prestigious circus art shows in the world. The festival has been held for 13 years in its present form, where you can see the best, most successful circus productions from around the world. Best circus directors, art directors and the top of the industry, all in one place. The XIII.th Budapest International Circus Festival will be held from January 8 to 13. Get your ticket here.


On January 19, the X-Trial World Championship will arrive to Hungary again. This time, the third race of the multi-stage X-Trial motorcycle race will be held in Budapest - followed by stations in Barcelona, Bilbao, Wiener Neustadt and Andorra la Vella. Enthusiasts of extreme and skill sports will be mpressed by the world's best starts on two wheels who fight each other on seemingly impossible tracks. It is a hectic and spectacular show that is not just a game but a real fight. Get your ticket here.

Budapest International Documentary Film Festival- BIDF

The BIDF, the Budapest International Documentary Film Festival, will be held for the 6th time between January 27 and February 2. BIDF is the competition, forum and presentation of the most successful international documentary films of the world. During these days we can see internationally successful, festival-winner documentary films, in many cases for the first time in Hungary. All of these films open minds to human destinies, problems, social issues, so if you're opened to the harder questions and films that are food for thought, get your ticket here.

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