Contemporary art conquers the streets of Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Jan 20, 2020

There are artworks in the bus stops of the Hungarian Public Transport Company after the short stories.

JCDecaux advertising company has some great initiatives here, in Hungary. After the short stories postered in the bus stops now they have something new: from January 16, we can see the artworks of contemporary Hungarian artists in about 100 locations in Budapest, at bus and tram stops. We can get acquainted with the works and style of internationally renown Hungarian artists such as Imre Bak, József Csató, Ákos Birkás, Dóra Maurer, István Nádler, Imre Bukta, Péter Mátyási, József Bullás or László Lakner.

The aim of the initiative is to show the diversity of contemporary art after contemporary literature. “There were two aspects that we considered important in the selection of images: to highlight the 20th century trends in painting, which can be abstract, figurative and post-digital. To focus on a generational dialogue, because a view of different age groups should be brought to the forefront so that both masters and students, middle-generation and young artists can show themselves.” - wrote the organizers on the project's website, where all the exhibited images can be viewed.

If you are interested in contemporary fine arts, take a good look at the bus and tram stops of Budapest or visit this website for the full collection.

(The cover image is a detail of Eszter Radák's painting” Így szeretnék megöregedni” (This is how I wanna get old))

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