Changes at Budapest Airport
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jan 22, 2020

If you arrive in Budapest by plane or leave from Liszt Ferenc Airport, you might find these words useful.

A lot of those passengers who arrive in Budapest by plane take the buses to get into the city. One of the possible options is the bus 200E which now operates between Liszt Ferenc Airport and Nagyvárad Square (because of the reconstruction works of metro line 3, normally it operates between the airport and Kőbánya-Kispest).

Now the line of this bus will be extended: an additional stop was added recently, so the bus will also stop at Cargo City, which is the newest addition to Budapest Airport. So it might take a little bit more time to get into the city by this bus but we suppose it might not be more than a couple of minutes extra travel time.

If you leave Budapest by any of the low-cost airlines, you will be happy to see that a new wing of Liszt Ferenc Airport is ready and it was already handed over to the passengers last Wednesday.

The single-story 5500 square meters building was built in 6 months and it offers passengers much more comfort (and heating, or air-conditioning in summer) before boarding. So we can finally say goodbye to the constantly criticised ‘container building’ which operated without heating, air-conditioning, proper seats and bathrooms.

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