Couch traveling: this is how you can “be” here in Budapest from your home
Posted by Budnews · Mar 17, 2020

Was your flight canceled? These are the films, books, music and food you that flies you to Budapest immediately.

Many flight has been canceled in Europe and in Hungary in the past few days, and probably more will be canceled in the next weeks, so it's a big question what to do, if you can not come to Budapest. Well we have some tips for you which brings Budapest to your home.

Travel videos.

Watch travel videos on Youtube: there are many of them presenting the city from all point of view: professional and home-made videos, opinions, what to do in 1-2-3-4 days… There are hundreds of hours videos about the city.

It's also a great way to have a great time in Budapest when you watch a film that plays in the Hungarian capital. Ladies in Love is a romantic comedy from 1936 and tells the story of three women in search of wealthy husbands. The Shop Around the Corner from 1940 is also a romantic comedy. The story is about two employees of a Budapest shop clash with each other, neither knowing that the other is the unmet lover they have been corresponding with. Budapest is a French comedy from 2018 directed by Xavier Gens. Two best friends with MBAs are bored in their jobs and start a travel business for bachelor parties in Budapest...

There are several famous songs about Budapest, just think about George Ezra's Budapest, or the new Spanish song „Budapest” by Montanez. You could also watch Round and round from Sea Gomez – although it's not about Budapest, but it has been shot here and many famous landmarks of the city are recognizable in the video.

There are many travel books about the city, but now we would love to recommend some novels, for example Strangers in Budapest: A Novel by Jessica Keener, or Ban Brown's Origin, which has several scenes in Budapest ad mentions Chain Bridge, the Great Synagogue on Dohány Street, the 7th district and even Szimpla.

One of the most famous things about Hungary is our cuisine, and fortunately many of our national dishes are easy enough to cook them at home. Try to make gulyás soup, stuffed cabbage or strudel – none of them are impossible if you know how to cook just a little bit.

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