This is the next step concerning the new Budapest bridge
Posted by Mia Balogh · Apr 6, 2020

We don’t know yet when the new bridge will be ready but this is the next step in the project.

A lot of plans, projects and enterprises were put on hold or stopped because of the coronavirus epidemic but there are still some exceptions. For example, the construction project of the new Budapest bridge continues, and we already know what will be the next step in this project.

After the construction contracts were signed, static tests calculations and tests will be done – this comes next. Főmterv Ltd got the opportunity to do this part of the project and they will receive a net of 58 million forints for the work, Magyar Epitok reported.

The new bridge – which is also called Galvani bridge – is going to have four pillars, 2x3 lanes and it is going to be 500 metres long. It will also have a tram line.

Why is it important for Budapest?

According to experts, the new bridge will be able to relieve the city centre from traffic. 55 thousand cars can be diverted from the downtown bridges and thousands of vehicles from Üllői road. Moreover, it might help the economic growth of South Pest, North Csepel, and South Buda.


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