5 super exhibitions that you can visit online
Posted by Budnews · Apr 9, 2020

Don't worry even if your trip to Budapest has been canceled! We look forward to seeing you in a few months, and in the meantime, week after week, we will gather the experiences you can participate from distance.

We have already collected the best Instagram accounts of the city and the films, books, music and food you that flies you to Budapest immediately, and now we show you 5 mesmerizing exhibitions that you can see from your couch. The text is in Hungarian in most places, but today, fortunately, the built-in translators of the browsers give quite correct results.

David Lynch: Small stories

Last March, the Budapest Photo Festival opened with David Lynch's exhibition entitled Small Stories, with great interest. Of course, this is no wonder, as the Lynch cult has taken root very deeply over the years, mainly thanks to classics such as the Twin Peaks, the Dune or the Eraserhead. Thanks to the Műcsarnok, those who missed the exhibition last year can also visit the exhibition now online, at this link.

Paolo Ventura: A Venetian Story / Automaton

The opening exhibition of the Budapest Photo Festival took place in Műcsarnok again this year, but unfortunately we can only see Paolo Ventura's photos online. The artist confessed about his project A Venetian Story / Automaton: “Every single image of the story was made in this imaginary Venice, which I built with my own hands in small pieces. The only real part of the story is the entry of the Nazi army and Italian police into the ghetto in December 1943.” Check out the exhibition here.

Variations on Realism – From Munkácsy to Mednyánszky

The Hungarian National Gallery opened its re-arranged permanent exhibition focusing on the art of Mihály Munkácsy in 2019, which has been expanded with works previously kept in storage as well as international pieces. And now we can visit it online as part of the Digital Museum program. In the virtual exhibition space all images are accompanied by background information, so they are also excellent for educational purposes. In addition to the main works of Mihály Munkácsy, we can also see the paintings of other artists of Hungarian realism, such as László Mednyánszky, Adolf Fényes or József Koszta. Let’s see the beauties!

The Call of the East. Japonisme as Reflected in the Prints of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

The long-closed Japan started to open up to the world in the 19th century, and thanks to the revival of trade relations, the works of Japanese artists came to Europe that time and had a great impact on Western artists. It was no different in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy either: The Call of the East. Japonisme as Reflected in the Prints of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchyit demonstrates this process - now online. You should see it!

Bridges – Ages – Budapest

Bridges - Ages - Budapest is the virtual exhibition of Kiscelli Museum. With the help of this unique exhibition we can take the history of the whole city to our home: from the Reformation to the 20th century through the stories of the bridges in Budapest until the last decade of the twentieth century. The background information can only be read in English, however, it is still worth embarking on a historical journey from the Chain Bridge to the Rákóczi Bridge. Check out the special historical journey here.

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