Oscar-winner Son of Saul’s protagonist, Géza Röhrig works as ambulance worker in New York
Posted by Budnews · Apr 15, 2020

When Son of Saul won the Oscar in 2016, the whole world got to know the names of László Nemes Jeles and Géza Röhrig. We haven't heard much about the Hungarian actor since then, as he hasn't become a celebrity and mainly lives in New York. But what's even more surprising is what he's been doing these days during the coronavirus epidemic!

Géza Röhrig, the protagonist of Son of Saul is not sitting at home, waiting the pandemic to end, but working as an ambulance worker in New York! And this is not even the first time for the actor: he had been doing this work seven years ago for about half a year, and he was recently called back by his former boss. He took a six-hour course, because his ambulance exam was expired and then Röhring was able to get back to work. “There are a total of a hundred thousand such people like me, which means that almost every infected registered person “gets” a volunteer, which is pretty good,” - said the actor in a Facebook video.

The actor works at night with the local fire department, doing the work with well-equipped cars.

By the way, devoted work is not new to the actor: Géza Röhrig is working as a corpse-washer for many years in New York, which means he washes bodies before burial. All our respect is his!

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