2 renovations begin in the Castle district
Posted by Budnews · May 19, 2020

The promenades of the hillsides facing the Danube will be restored.

When we walked up from Clark Ádám Square to Buda Castle on the eastern slopes of Castle Hill, overlooking the Danube, we are always astonished because of the condition of the park, roads and stairs - with their life-threatening and fragmented elements. But now, finally, this neglected part of the Castle district is finally being renewed.

The renovation of the Ellyps Promenade and its surroundings is an element that everyone will love for sure. An important point of the renovation program is that the Castle should be easily reached on foot, from several directions. The renovation of the green surfaces and the stairs, promenades and the surrounding hillsides are both important elements.

As a first step, the northern part of the promenade, around the Tunnel, was tidied up - the fragmented staircases and paving elements were put in place, the existing, fragmented stone blocks were removed and rebuilt with a new foundation. Soon the paths on the other side of the Castle Hill Funicular will also be tidied up. In addition to the roads, new, unified style public furniture elements - benches, rubbish bins - will be placed, and the dilapidated vegetation will also be renewed. And it’s not all that happens in that neighborhood!

In addition to the promenade, there will be another major renovation in the Castle district at the same time: Szent György Square will also be renovated and greened. Szent György Square is one of the most important squares in the Buda Castle District and also in Budapest. The place is usually used by a lot of people (when there is no epidemic situation), so its condition has already required a lot of renovation. During the works, which are expected to start in the summer, the fragmented pavements of Szent György Square will be renovated, a lot of new plants will be planted in the beds, and the lawn surface will also be renewed.

The tidy gardens suitable for relaxation and walking have always belonged to the view of the Buda Castle, and were perhaps the most versatile works in the history of Hungarian garden art. The green areas surrounding the Castle and located area within the walls tended to create a sense of homelessness and neglect in recent decades, but this will end in some month! We can’t wait to see the upshot!

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