Let’s meet the tradition of Hungarian blue-dyeing
Posted by Budnews · May 25, 2020

These unique textiles are part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

We rarely deal with folk traditions here at budnews.hu, but now we would still show you something beautiful. This is blue-dyeing, a special coloring technology in Hungary. Blue-dyeing is a color-patterning technology used on textiles, which derives its name from the fact that the pattern in its original form typically appears in white on a blue background.

Blue-dyeing dates back more than five hundred years. It came to Hungary from India through Western Europe and it’s a heavy craft whose science passes from father to son. This and the strong physical work are the reason why the number of its makers is constantly decreasing. There are only 6 blue-dyeing workshops in Hungary and only twenty in Europe as a whole.


The basis of blue-dyeing is indigo cold painting in painting baths sunk into the ground, and from the first half of the 19th century, hot painting is also used. The special features of the blue-dyed clothes are the pure cotton material, the unique deep blue shade, the size and color fastness, and that the white color of the individual samples is given by the linen base material.

The blue-dye fabric has played a significant role in Hungarian folk costumes and home textiles in recent centuries, and it is still popular today. As of November 2018, blue-dyeing is part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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