MotoGP racetrack to be built in Hungary by 2023
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 1, 2020

MotoGP is the fourth among the most-watched sporting events in the world, so it was high time for Hungary to take part in this popular motorsport.

A new, modern MotoGP racetrack will be built in the eastern part of Hungary, near Hajdúnánás, a town located in the Miskolc-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza triangle. The uniquely-lined track will offer a special experience for the audience but also for the racers because they will drive here counterclockwise.

From when? According to the plans, the first MotoGP race will be organized here in 2023. Hungarian speed motor world champion Gábor Talmácsi recently said at a press conference that there are 20 races each year which will be increased to 22 soon, and the Hungarian racetrack will be part of it.

And the racetrack won’t be built for one MotoGP race per year, on the contrary: according to Nemzeti Sport, it will be open for 200 days a year.

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