Special kangaroos arrived to Zoo Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Jul 7, 2020

Parma wallaby was thought to be extinct, but now 3 of it can be seen in Budapest.

When talking about kangaroos, we all think of the “classic” kangaroo native in Australia, although there are several species of this animal. There are about seventy different species of kangaroos in Australia and the surrounding islands, such as the Parma wallaby, which is a cute, tiny kangaroo species. The Parma wallaby, also known as the white-throated wallaby, is only 3-6 kg as an adult and lives in Eastern Australia, including the northeastern part of New South Wales, along the Great Dividing Range, and prefers dense undergrowth habitats.

The special animal was discovered in 1845, and only a few decades later it was thought to be extinct because their herds were very scarce due to the foxes. No live Parma kangaroos were seen until 1965, when a population was found on the island of Kawau in New Zealand, and later smaller groups were found also in Australia.

With the Parma wallabies, four kangaroo species are presented in Budapest: in addition to the Parma wallabies, red-necked or Bennett kangaroos, small brush-tailed rat kangaroos, and Western gray giant kangaroos, also known as sooty kangaroos. The new Parma wallabies were housed in common catwalk with the gray giant kangaroos.

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