Hungarian concrete trash can conquers the world
Posted by Budnews · Aug 4, 2020

‘Binn’ is in the final of one of the biggest architectural competitions in the world.

We received some very strange news a few days ago: a Hungarian concrete litter bin will be there in the final of one of the most prestigious architectural competitions in the world. The Hungarian VPI Beton, the brand that created this concrete Binn, has made it to the finals of the Architizer A + Award.

VPI’s explicit goal was to create a trash can that fits nicely into a wide variety of cityscapes, while operating as efficiently as possible. The concrete body and the galvanized, powder-coated steel cover not only provide a pleasant appearance, but also guarantee its usability and durability - says the Hungarian manufacturer.

We didn’t know it before, but a trash can is one of the most complex public objects in terms of design. It has to meet a wide range of different needs: in addition to easy installation and maintenance, simple emptying and closing are also important considerations.

By the way, Binn can already be found in several places in Hungary, including the recently renovated Vörösmarty Square and Podmaniczky Square in Budapest. VPI’s other furniture designs can be found in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Romania, but Binn is a Hungarian rarity for the time being.

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