Opera Gin Budapest won prestigious award
Posted by Budnews · Aug 18, 2020

Following the Red Dot Design Award, the only Hungarian gin won a gold medal at the competition of the market-leading London magazine, The Spirits Business’ annual The Global Spirits Masters in the field of premium gins.

If somebody should mention famous Hungarian alcoholic drinks, they would probably say the good Hungarian wines, Unicum, pálinka, or maybe the craft beers. But Gin? Well yes, we have our own gin brand, that now won another prestigious award.

The Global Spirits Masters is one of the world’s largest spirits blind tasting competition, and is characterized by the fact that the number of participants breaks a record every year: in 2019, more than three hundred items of gin alone competed. Although the number of entrants this year did not reach the previous year as a result of the coronavirus, the field of Gin Masters 2020 was still dense with nearly two hundred entries.

This is why we are so proud that Opera Gin Budapest won gold medal in the Premium Gin category, obtaining outstanding scores (between 80-89) in the blind tests from the judges. As The Spirits Business highlighted, the Opera Gin deserved attention for its “great texture” and “elegant, dark chocolate notes”.

Opera Gin is Hungary's first premium category London Dry gin. The main component of this gin is juniper berries, and we can discover spices such as angelica root, coriander seed, iris root, liquorice, grapefruit peel, Vietnamese lemongrass, aniseed, lavender and cubeb. The drink also has a secret ingredient: this is the poppy seed, which is a 100% Hungarian ingredient, as we are world leaders in the consumption of it.

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