Huge film park has opened in Hungary
Posted by Budnews · Sep 2, 2020

The newest cinema/adventure park in Europe has opened in a Hungarian village.

Probably the most special theme park in the country opened a few weeks ago. The Cinemaqua Film and Nature Park shows the world of cinematic wonders over a huge area of ​​30 hectares. A visual world with original scenery items awaits you with 21 scenes in this small village called Kisvárda.

Among the venues of the special cinema park you can get to know the Film Palace, there is a venue called American Promenade, a real adventure ship and a pirate ship, a 17th century American village, a fabulous wonder garden, a gold washer scene, a real kingdom, a dinosaur park, a circus tent, an airplane hangar and a unique maze.

And the best thing is that there are many objects here that are not forbidden to touch at all, the whole park was built on the concept of “experience the film world” for which we, adults were as enthusiastic as the kids. The park offers all day recreation for literally everyone, the only downside is the price: an adult ticket is HUF 6,900 (5900 for locals) and the children's ticket is HUF 6,200 (4,900).

Anyway, this is a must see for once in a lifetime!

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