Unique fire truck open-air museum opened in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Sep 10, 2020

A new fire truck museum has opened in Újpest, where we can see real historical specialties, e.g. red painted fire chariots and a steam syringe. Little "flame knights" can even try out the old fire trucks!

It has been 150 years that the fire department of Újpest was established in 1870, then in a voluntary form. In honor of the one and a half centuries of flame knights, the IV. district fire brigade opened a unique fire truck museum in the courtyard of the barracks in Szent László tér.

The museum is unique even in Europe: we can see, for example, the last remaining Hungarian-made right-hand drive fire truck that served corporate fire brigades, and the exhibition also showcases the products of the heroic age of Hungarian machine building: the red-painted fire chariots once rolled off the conveyor belts of MÁVAG, Csepel, Rába and Icarus.

The real curiosity of the museum is a steam syringe that was still towed by horses to the fires at the end of the XIX. century, and that is still functional today. So much so that the jet of water reaches up to the top of a ten-storey panel house!

The open-air museum has no opening hours, but anyone can view the special historical monuments by prior appointment. The open-air museum can be visited free of charge after contacting the organizers via email (tuzoltoskanzen@gmail.com) or phone (+36-70-334-8135). Until then, watch the video below - the text is in Hungarian, but the pictures speak for themselves


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