Free beach may open on the Danube shore next year
Posted by Budnews · Sep 28, 2020

This has not been possible since the ’70s.

Integration of Danube into the life of Budapest has been a hot topic for decades, which is a demand of residents and NGOs for at least such a long time. Swimming in the Danube wasn’t always forbidden: until the '70s it was possible to swim in the Budapest section of the river. Then, it has been banned, so for the past 50 years only the sight, ducks, and coastal restaurants have remained. Now, there is serious hope that this situation will change, as two NGOs made a successful test day again on the Roman shore area of the river.

On the test day, they built up a buoy system, water rescue station, and they also set up a lifeguard tower with flags, so they fulfilled all the conditions one could expect from a beach. Water rescue is extremely important in case of a river, and the Danish-style flag system indicates water quality. Although the water of the Danube in this northern region has been excellent for bathing for many years, but in heavy rains, pollution may enter the water, so this checking system can help a lot to the people bathing here.

The form in which the beach can be realized has not yet been decided: NGOs want a real free beach, while the municipality would give the maintaining rights to an organization. The tender has not been announced yet, the opinion and needs of the residents are being assessed by the local government for the time being.

About Római-part

The story of Római part dates back to the 1800s, when the first restaurants, beaches and boathouses appeared in this area, the northern outskirt on the city. The sparkling summer mood has increased ever since: now there is a central, less than a kilometer-long coast that has as many bars and restaurants as the downtown has in an equal area. Although great variety of restaurants can be found here, the prevailing style is the real retro vibe, which hasn’t changed since the mid-90s, with self-service taverns. If you walk a little north, you meet the real beach feeling: bars are only from meters from the Danube here, and you can enjoy your drink with your feet in the cool water. This is the area where the free beach may be realized.

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