Art Nouveau cocktail bar has opened in Gresham Palace
Posted by Budnews · Oct 13, 2020

Signature cocktails divided into past, present and future sections, Japan-inspired dishes, crystal glasses... The highest luxury has arrived to Budapest.

One of the most outstanding works of Hungarian Art Nouveau architecture is undoubtedly the Gresham Palace, where the newest bar of the city opened in this spirit. Múzsa (Muse) keeps Art Nouveau traditions in mind in every way. The East-West encounter, Art Nouveau, the golden age of Budapest, creative female power and elegance appear in all details in Múzsa, not only in the interior, but also in the gastronomy offer.

Their main focus is on the drink selection, which would fit in any luxury hotel or bar in any major city in the world. The dishes were designed to not overwhelm but to highlight these specialty cocktails.

The signature cocktails, divided into past, present and future sections, are bold and special in appearance and ingredients. The cocktails evoking the past come in beautiful Varga crystal glasses, but the drinks of the present and the future received an amazingly beautiful serving of their own design.

They make sure that the backbone of the cocktails is made up of drinks that meet international trends, such as gin, rum or tonic, but also that, wherever possible, a Hungarian attachment point appears in them, either in raw materials or culturally.

The East-West motif appears on the menu with Asian-inspired, especially Japan-inspired dishes supplemented in many places with premium domestic ingredients. Art Nouveau is also manifested in the fine patterns of the wonderful Herend porcelain in which we get the food.

If you can come to Hungary again after the lockdown, Múzsa is definitely worth trying!

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