Water Polo EC 2014
Posted by Katalin Török · Jul 21, 2014

Between 14-27 July Budapest is hosting the European Water Polo Championship, for the 4th time in history. Hungary is famous for its water polo, and the tournament offers unique surprises every time. Let’s see what the championship offers for the finish.

The first European Water Polo Championship was held in 1926 in Budapest, with just a men's competition. Women had to wait until 1985 to compete for the European title. Water Polo ECs are currently held biannually, and they are surrounded by great interest. The Hungary men's national water polo team is considered the world's top power in the history of water polo, having won 15 Olympic, 10 World Championship, 5 FINA World League, 8 FINA World Cup and 21 European Championship medals so far. No wonder almost everyone becomes a fan during the tournaments.

photo: cityofchesterswimmingclub.co.uk

The Championship takes place in Margaret Island, at the Alfréd Hajós -Tamás Széchy Swimming Complex, which lies on an area of 79 242 m2, offering everything from high diving to Olympic-size pools. The organizers of the event have installed several temporary grandstands, yet the sport event is so popular that seats got sold shortly after publication.

Everyone is curious about what the competition among 12 countries by men and 8 by women will bring us. Giant screens installed in the city thanks to the football world cup come now in handy – you can choose from several locations if you don’t want to miss the games.

For the last four days of the Championship, Vodafone Hungary turns Március 15 square into a supporters center, by setting up a 200 ton, 700 m2 Arena with its own 8x16 meters swimming pool, local commentators, stands for 300 people, and a 40 m2 giant LED screen. The swimming pool will have a glass wall, so people from outside the arena will be able to watch matches almost from underneath the water. Those matches that don’t make it to the national television broadcasting will be screened as well, and between the games there will be some fun programmes in the arena.


Together with MyActionCam.hu, Vodafone has made a special video to celebrate the Water Polo EC. – In the homeland of scientists, a sensational thing was born again. A device that brings water polo as close to you as never before: the camera ball.


Opening hours of the Vodafone Arena @ Március 15 square:

24 July


09:00 – 18:30

25 July


09:00 – 23:00

26 July


09:00 – 23:00



09:00 – 23:00

The venue is entry free – you only need to register on the spot.

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