Unique findings were found during the renovation of the Citadel
Posted by Budnews · Dec 1, 2020

Celtic pottery and the remains of a former observatory wall were found.

The fate of the most significant cityscape element of Budapest, the Citadel - and Gellért Hill - has been a huge question for decades. Its special character, past, and adherence to many layers of meaning also pose challenges to the professionals, politics, and public opinion. The "What to do with the Citadel?" question has been answered this summer: the building will be renovated and a museum commemorating the freedom struggles of the Hungarians will be established in it.

Despite being in a prime location in the city, despite being at the top of every boot lists for tourists, the Citadel is somehow always the „stepchildren” of the city. This bad situation is because of the many meanings and functions that the Citadel has had over many decades - centuries - but the situation is also complicated by the fact that opinions are also divided about its possible use. At least they were divided for a long time, but this year a government decision was made to establish a museum in the Citadel.

Preparations for the renovation are currently underway, meaning an assessment of the condition of the building and a comprehensive archaeological study of the area, thanks to which the experts have found plenty of exciting memories and findings. For example the remnant of the wall of the university observatory, built on Gellért Hill in 1815 on the initiative of Palatine József, which was the most modern observatory in Europe in its time!

And if it’s not enough, a World War I. cannon base made in the Monarchy was also revealed during the excavation, just as Celtic potteries, Roman coins, and Turkish coins and pottery fragments have also been found. Renovation work will continue on the demolition of a World War II. air defense bunker in the Citadel’s inner courtyard. The first phase of the development is expected to be completed by 2022, during which the inner courtyard of the fortress will be renovated, and the outer walls and the surrounding environment will be tidied up.

We can’t wait to see the end result!

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