The Hungarian Fantasy Museum has opened
Posted by Budnews · Dec 2, 2020

Museum objects have magic power in this unique collection.

The Knowledge Department of the Hungarian National Museum is calling on the most famous representatives of the realm of fantasy to tell about the authentic stories of real objects in the real world… Let’s enter the Hungarian Fantasy Museum, the newly opened, special and unique online collection and examine the objects of the National Museum from the point of view of magic and supernatural forces.

The Hungarian Fantasy Museum shows the magic behind the exhibited items by juxtaposing a famous magic object and a museum object. A different magical world unfolds every day with a different object, or a different character of a magical universe. If so far anyone had thought that Ferenc Erkel's conductor's wand, II. Ulászló's ornamental sword or the Seuso treasure has no magic power, your opinion is guaranteed to change!

The Semmelweis Museum of Medical History, Library and Databank, a member institution of the Hungarian National Museum, also joined the initiative, as it preserves a large number of documents and “magical” objects directly related to alchemy, “magic”, ancient and folk beliefs. The virtual collection of the Hungarian Fantasy Museum is selected partly by selecting from these, partly by more distant associations, representing the diversity of the museum's material.

Search instagram for #magyarfantasymúzeum and see a miracle!

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