Budapest among the most underrated foodie destinations in the world
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 14, 2020

According to an American gastro blog, our capital is one of the lesser known but amazing foodie destinations in the world.

You might agree with us that this is not the best time to travel but it definitely is the best time to plan your next journey – maybe your next gastro adventure. No ideas yet? Then the following compilation might inspire you.

At the gastro blog Chef’s Pencil, 250 chefs and foodies were polled about which place they thought was the most underrated foodie destination. They could name countries, cities, or regions. And what a surprise, in the cities rankings, Budapest came in second, preceded by Cape Town and followed by Chicago.

Check out their top 10 here:

1. Cape Town

2. Budapest

3. Chicago

4. Melbourne

5. Mexico City

6. San Sebastian

7. Bergen

8. Hong Kong

9. Montreal

10. Napoli

They write that ‘some of the places might already be well-known and appreciated for their gastronomic excellence, but people felt they still lack the international recognition they truly deserve’.

We think that these amazing places with exciting gastronomy might be hidden gems now but this will change probably quite soon.


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