Things that have changed in Budapest this year
Posted by Budnews · Dec 29, 2020

You won't even recognize some parts of the city!

No matter how long and chaotic this year was, there was no shortage of developments, monumental reconstructions, new buildings and good examples. In addition to the numerous reconstructions, renovations, and demolition, there are currently a lot of investments taking place in Budapest. We would now highlight the 4 largest ones: Várnegyed (Castle district), Városliget (City Park), Budapest Déli Városkapu (Southern City Gate) and the renovation of Metro line M3.

City park

The Mihály Mőcsényi Botanical Garden, named after the dominant figure of Hungarian landscape architecture, was handed over, where 335 different varieties of plants were planted, and a dog park was opened. The new 2-kilometer long Running Circle of the City Park is the capital’s largest one, and the most versatile outdoor sports center, the Városliget Sports Center, also opened its doors. The Városliget Promenade has also been established, with the 800-seat Museum Underground Garage is located below it.

Although they are not ready, the Ethnographic Museum designed by Napur Architect and the House of Hungarian Music designed by Sou Fujimoto are also structurally complete, the latter already has its iconic roof and glass walls.

Castle District

This year, the buildings of the Main Guard and the Royal Riding School in the Csikós courtyard were rebuilt according to the original plans of Alajos Hauszmann, and even the Stöckl staircase connecting the two buildings was completed in 2020. Among the smaller reconstructions, the iconic well of the Buda Castle, the Matthias Well, also referred to as the Hungarian Trevi Fountain, is ready, and the construction of the St. Stephen's Hall in the palace is also nearing completion.

Budapest Southern City Gate

The Southern City gate is hallmarked by the huge MOLheadquarters, but there are some other novelties in that area. The renewal of the student city and the construction of the new athletics stadium (also by Napur Architect), has also started. During the spring, architects and civilians began collecting signatures to build a park on the South Pest Riverbank instead of the stadium, but the initiative failed.

Metro line M3

The renovated southern section of metro line M3 has been completed, so now we can board the metro in Kőbánya-Kispest and travel with it all the way to Nagyvárad Square. Our journey from there will continue with the torture of metro replacement buses, as the renovation of the middle section of the blue metro began in November. This is the last major stage, but the renovation of Deák Square and Kálvin Square is still to come.

Can’t wait next year to see the newest developments of the city!

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