Hungary knew about the Russian invasion in advance?
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 17, 2022

A shocking revelation by Ukraine’s Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council states that Hungary’s leadership could possibly have been informed by Russian president Vladimir Putin about his country’s invasion of Ukraine, a neighbor to both nations – writes

According to the news site’s informations, Danilova s a guest of Ukraine’s Rada TV said that Putin might have given advance warning to Hungary about his plans. According tot he Ukrainian politician, Hungary even expressed intentions to acquire a part of Ukraine that previously was a territory of the Central European country.

Danilov blamed Hungary for not respecting democratic values required by NATO, of which hungary is a member since 1999.

„Hungary openly commits itself to cooperation with Russia” – said Danilov during his TV stint. „Moreover, Budapest was warned in advance by Russian President Putin that an attack on Ukraine was imminent. They see how Hungary is behaving and for some reason they expected to be able to win back their territories. But that’s not going to happen […] I also wonder what the consequences of such behavior of a country will be after the war.”

The german-language news site Ungarn Heute reminded readers that this is not the first time this possibility was mentioned. Back in March, the former Foreign Minister of Poland, Radosław Sikorski wrote on Twitter that Putin and Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán has reached an agreement ont he division of Ukraine.

From the Hungarian side the only reaction to this allegation came from Tamás Menczer, under-secretary of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, who called Danilov’s accusations fake news.

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