Furious man holds wrong doctor at gunpoint!
Posted by Peti · Nov 26, 2022

The Budapest resident assaulted a member of a local hospital – in error.

This summer a 48 man walked into the Jahn Ferenc Dél-Pesti Hospital and threatened a doctor with a
gas gun – writes 24.hu.
The unnamed man appeared at the hospital on the 23rd of July, heavily inebriated. Although the
visitation hours have passed, the man said he is there to visit his mother, whom she cannot visit
otherwise, so security let him through for a few minutes.
However, the man apparently didn’t consider his mother’s care to be satisfactory so he entered into an
argument with the doctor in charge. During the altercation, the man pulled out a gas gun and trained it
on the doctor, threatening to fire. The two men started scuffling, during which the doctor tried to
wrangel the gun away from the man. As a result, the gun went off, luckily nobody was injured. The
attacker lost consciousness though, as a result of being thrown tot he floor by the doctor. Following
that, the hospital staff treated him before alerting the authorities.
The prosecutor’s office requests a prison sentence against the man who they charge with violence
against a public official.
According to Bettina Bagoly, spokesperson for Budapest’s Public Prosecutors’s Office, the perpetrator
plead guilty and said he regrets the incident.

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