Printa’s Pest 2014
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 31, 2014

Budapest is beautiful and unique. Your memories from the Hungarian capital can be even more special owing to a new map, created by Printa.


If you spend a couple of days in Budapest, and you are interested in the world of design, don’t miss Printa. This is a multifunctional shop in the 7th district, Rumbach Sebestyén Street – a design store, a gallery, a place for artistic workshops and a café: all in one.

The tourists arriving to Budapest and to Printa are always asking the employees, where to go for a drink or a nice dinner, or to see an interesting exhibition in the city or in the district. They are interested in the best local places – that’s what gave the idea of Printa’s Pest.

This is a special map, created by Printa: a cartoonish street layout with illustrations of buildings, destinations and street names, and the other side, we can read descriptions about 50 places.

It shows the best bars, ruin pubs, galleries, shops, restaurants, accommodations and more, where the creators of the map often take their friends visiting Budapest. They can see the city as the locals do, and they can get much more “living” memories of the Hungarian capital, then from seeing just the most frequented places here.

This map is the third version of Printa’s Pest and not only because the copies of the first editions were sold out quickly. It is necessary, because the city is constantly changing: some bars and ruin pubs are closed, meanwhile some others are opened or transformed.

Printa’s Pest 2014, illustrated by Natália Varga, is not only a useful map when you spend a couple of days in Budapest, but also a graphic artwork, made in Printa’s silk-screen studio, and a nice souvenir from the Hungarian capital.

Did you know?

If you would like to wear Printa’s Pest 2014 map on yourself, it is also possible: it is available on bags and T-shirts, as well.


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